Shoshana has a profound healing wisdom well beyond her years, and a keen sense of intuition… a gentle yet powerful practitioner, whose treatments are felt deeply on many levels. 
— Therapist and Mother, Berkeley, CA
Shoshana is a wise and compassionate healer. Her space is welcoming, tranquil, and uplifting. I always leave feeling a little more balanced and nurtured. She also holds fabulous workshops where you can learn skills and earthy wisdom to care for yourself!
— Social Worker, Oakland, CA
I’ve been treated for anxiety and depression with acupuncture, herbs and bodywork by Shoshana. I can say a lot about how good she is... open-minded and non-judgmental. She’s extremely intelligent and competent in her work. Shoshana is very nurturing and her treatments are quite powerful.
— Artist, Berkeley, CA
A True Healer! Shoshana Uribe has truly changed my life with her healing skills. After years of searching for someone to help with with various health challenges, Shoshana has been the one to help me with both grace, patience, and kindness. And I am so happy to say that I have seen true results. Shoshana herself is an incredible person! She is flexible and understanding about just about everything! She is extremely professional, and somehow remembers details about my health I had shared with her months ago. After 3 months of working with her, I can say that so many of my symptoms have gone away. Her acupuncture is also extremely gentle, and she knows from experience exactly which points I need each time I go in. Manzanita Wellness Clinic is a place of true peace and relaxation. With calming music, comfortable seating and resting, and a relaxing energy, I find my self looking forward to my appointment each week. I would recommend Shoshana from Manzanita Wellness for anyone looking for an amazing acupuncture experience!
— Yelp Review
Shoshana is wonderful — kind, knowledgeable, very effective, and with great calming energy. The space is lovely, and the sliding-scale makes it affordable for me to get acupuncture once or twice a week, which I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I’m very happy to have found Shoshana.
— Yelp Review
I have been working with Shoshana Uribe for almost 10 years. I consistently leave my appointments refreshed and re-balanced. Shoshana’s warm presences and quiet competence have been an integral part of my stress management and good health.... All in a lovely, soothing studio conveniently located on San Pablo Ave, at the Manzanita Wellness Clinic.... Just a terrific experience all the way around....”
— Berkeley Parents Network
Manzanita Wellness Clinic truly has been an urban healing oasis for me over the past several years. The acupuncture, massage, and herbal and nutritional guidance I have received at Manzanita Wellness Clinic has been transformative. I came to Shoshana initially for support around regulating my menstrual cycles which had been irregular for many years after coming off of birth control pills. I had a lot of anxiety about my cycle being “abnormal” having heard from allopathic physicians that I was likely not ovulating and would need to take hormonal support to start my ovulation. Shoshana engaged with me in respectful dialogue, creating a safe space for me to trust my own intuition about what was happening, and within a few months of treatment my cycle regulated. Shoshana has also given me wonderful acupuncture and herbal treatments for fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum support with knowledge, compassion, and intuitive wisdom.
— Mother and Public Health Professional, Berkeley, CA
Does she tap dance? So many talents, and the cure for the common cold. Yet another blessing from Shoshana Uribe. I’ve taken OTC meds for cold symptoms in the past, but this time I went with my body’s intuition. After a beautifully comforting massage from Shoshana—she found the knots and achy spots like she was reading braille and using x-ray vision—I went home and took the herbs she prescribed. I’m wary of quick fixes, but when I scanned my body the next day all I found was delighted relief. Shoshana is a sensitive and caring acupuncturist, too. Her treatments have brought great relief from lower back and hip joint pain, as well as the blue feelings that can come with chronic pain. All of her approaches to healing can overlap, typified by ‘and’ thinking. She does this with kindness, brilliance and probably some mixture of science and sorcery that I can’t help but rave about. I have needed all of these. Manzanita Wellness Clinic is serene, open, and inviting—not unlike Shoshana. She is a warm and gracious healer. I’m grateful for her wisdom and skill, and I highly recommend her.
— Yelp Review
I highly recommend Shoshana Uribe at the Manzanita Wellness Clinic in Berkeley… She is an acupuncturist and much more. She has seen two of my kids and given me very good advice about colds and overall health and wellness. After my kids saw her they said, ’please can we see her every week!’ WOW! Shoshana is warm, gentle, caring and very intelligent about health.
— Berkeley Parents Network
I’ve always had really good experiences at Manzanita. When I started going I was on a low income and looking for a community clinic. Since I’d only had private acupuncture before, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like being treated in a room with other people. Shoshana gives such personal attention that it was almost like having a private session. She’s incredibly caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. And I liked that she was willing to think outside the box and get creative, when that’s what I needed. The space is wonderful, too—very peaceful and comfortable. I highly recommend Manzanita Wellness Clinic!
— Google Review
Shoshana is absolutely incredible! Her presence is gentle and compassionate, and she gives very present and undivided attention to you and listens to your needs. More specifically, Shoshana has helped me with my digestion immensely. And what has really been life-changing for me (yes, life-changing!) is how much she has been able to relieve me of PMS/PMDD symptoms, which I have been suffering from for a long time now, and it had been extremely debilitating. Within 1 month of receiving acupuncture twice a week, I had few to no pre-menstrual symptoms, and I can’t thank Shoshana enough for helping me with this. She is wonderful at providing the right guidance and herbs alongside acupuncture, as well as other services that I have not tried yet. I recommend Shoshana to all of my friends, and would recommend her for any ailment, allergy, illness, physical or emotional challenge that you may be experiencing. Anything that I am feeling, she is the first person I reach out to. I will continue coming to her for many years to come. Thank you Shoshana!
— Social Worker, Berkeley, CA
I went to Manzanita after suffering from very sore neck and shoulder muscles caused by a motorcycle accident. I’ve had massages for sore muscles before, with mediocre results, so I didn’t really expect any miracles.

I ended up getting an acupuncture/massage combo treatment from Shoshana. All I can say is...WOW. The next day, 90% of my pain was gone. I was really surprised and, being a skeptic in general, I don’t know if everyone would get the same results as I did but it’s worth seeing Shoshana.

She has a really gentle vibe about her and is great at listening to whatever ailments you have. I’m definitely going back!
— Yelp Review
I have been seeing Shoshana for massage regularly for five years and her touch is amazing, intuitive, and deep.  Her knowledge of the body is extensive - both physically and energetically. She is a real community person and fosters connection for her clients to other health resources. Shoshana has helped me in so many ways - very much with her hands AND her generous heart.
— Berkeley Parents Network
Shoshana is fantastic! I highly recommend her for acupuncture, massage, and nutritional support. Her treatments have helped me and my children enormously. She has a profound wisdom well beyond her years and a keen sense of intuition. She is a gentle yet powerful healer. She is caring, attentive, and really takes extra steps to ensure her care is beneficial. We are so grateful to have her in our lives!
— Yelp Review
The Manzanita Clinic is a very special place for me and my family. Shoshana is a knowledgeable practitioner with amazing intuition. She has helped us with acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine for a wide range of medical issues. I am especially grateful for her help with my osteoarthritis. My partner and I are seventy five years old, and we feel vital and healthy, thanks to Shoshana.
— Retired Business Owner, Berkeley, CA
I would highly recommend my acupuncturist, Shoshana Uribe at Manzanita Wellness in South Berkeley. She has improved the health of my entire family!!! I feel so grateful to receive her effective treatments of acupuncture with Chinese and Western herbs and nutrition guidance. What I love about her & her practice; 1) She is always super supportive, kind, patient, attentive, responsive, and well organized—-seriously, always!!! She is NOT pretentious, self-righteous, or preachy, and never makes me feel bad about not taking the herbs, or going off diet, or whatever. 2) Her treatments really help and work, whether for obvious things like a sprained ankle or flu/cold, or the more subtle, like mood or improved immunity. 3) She is super talented with pediatrics, and I started seeing her for my then 8 year old son who’s now 12, and our whole family followed. 4) Her community hours and sliding scale fee structure make access actually affordable, making regular treatment possible without a huge cost barrier 4) I like the convenient location with parking on San Pablo, a few blocks from Ashby. 5) The clinic is always welcoming, comfortable, and immaculate, where i can enjoy a cup of tea before or after treatment. Lastly, I find it empowering to know I can go to a provider who can look for root issues and address them systemically, not just mask a symptom by giving a prescription of something I do not want to take or give to my children. Thank you, Shoshana!
— Berkeley Parents Network
In my sessions with Shoshana over the years, I come for more than the treatments themselves. The entire experience of her warming presence exudes from Manzanita Wellness and I leave this powerful healing fortress feeling fortified and renewed every time. She is an irreplaceable force in my life. I trust Shoshana wholeheartedly with my healing process. Always gentle and nourishing, I always feel safe and comforted in her care.
— Musician and Educator, Oakland, CA
Shoshana is wonderful! I brought my two year old son to see her and could not have been more impressed by her manner with him. She is calm, patient and really understands how to work with kids.
— Yelp Review
We are so grateful to Shoshana! My son had issues with wetting his pants for several years. We had been to urologists and discussed it with other specialists - and no one was able to help. We worked with Shoshana over a few months and my son is truly all better! Many, many thanks to Shoshana and her compassionate and skilled care! This has made a big difference to our entire family.
— Yelp Review
My first appointment with Shoshana at Manzanita Wellness Clinic was during my first pregnancy almost 4 years ago. I had scary painful hives and had gone through a horrible experience with my allergist. I called her teary eyed and frantic about having taking western allergy medications that turned out could have threatened the health of my baby, seeking alternatives safe ways to get rid of the hives. She returned my call within the hour, and made space to see me that same day. I saw her and immediately felt cared for, listened to and respected. She gave me Chinese herbs and acupuncture, and soon enough my hives cleared. I decided to keep seeing he throughout the rest of my pregnancy and eventually learned of the tremendous healer she was as acupuncturist, massage therapist, Chinese herbalist and deeply loving expert on women’s health. I had a healthy baby girl and returned to Shoshana months after her birth and have continued to get regular holistic care ever since. Shoshana is a powerful healer whose neutral wise energy never makes me feel pushed, shamed or uncomfortable in my own skin and how I live my life. Her massages combined with acupuncture treatments are the most consistently soothing and regenerating I have ever received and I am so grateful for her skilled and multifaceted talents as a functional healthcare provider. She has created a healing space at her clinic that truly honors her immense knowledge and offerings, and is deeply community conscientious. I am grateful to have found someone I trust and whose treatments have garnered real results in my healthcare needs. I have sent numerous friends to see Shoshana and all rave about her. Manzanita Wellness Clinic is fantastic!
— Social Worker, San Francisco, CA
I went to Shoshana because I had some major wrist and neck pain from holding my son– she really helped. She goes soft or deep and she has strong hands and a calm mellow energy.
— Berkeley Parents Network
Thanks to Shoshana at the Manzanita Wellness clinic I am finally able to live a better life. I went to see Shoshana after living in pain for close to 2 years after giving birth to my son. During my labor I had the epidural and thereafter my back was never the same after that procedure. I couldn’t lift my son much without suffering from excruciating pain. I couldn’t bend, twist, lean, stand for long periods, walk for long periods, lay down for long period, I felt like I was heading towards paralysis. I felt hopeless 😩. One day the light went off and I decided to go see Shoshana. I would repeatedly ask her “do you think I’ll ever be healed? Do you think I can ever live a pain free life.” She’d always say “it’s definitely possible.” She kept hope alive for me and I’m glad I didn’t get discouraged. With each treatment I felt a little bit better. And now it’s been a year and I am ever so grateful I have a pretty close to normal pain free back and my life feels more normal being able to play with my children and be active with them. I swear by the acupuncture treatments I receive from Shoshana at Manzanita. She’s also treated me for shoulder joint pain. I am a testimony these treatments work. I highly recommend them to everyone. The irony of all this is that I have a phobia of needles but if I can get through this anyone can. I would not put myself through this these treatments wouldn’t work. The truth is these needles are so thin that 99% of the time they do not hurt and you can’t feel them. Shoshana is very compassionate and understanding and she is very gentle in placing each needle. In addition to this, once the needles are in you become so relaxed you dose off. Overall so relaxing and more importantly so healing. Shoshana... thank you for keeping me pain free. There’s so many other wonderful treatments and services which Shoshana incorporates to develop your very own personal healing plan... thank you for your continued healing hands. 😊
— Financial Officer, Oakland, CA
I am 38 weeks pregnant and just received the best massage ever from Shoshana Uribe.... Intense and relaxing at the same time, comprehensive and rejuvenating, I felt its effect all day.
— Yelp Review
An Oasis in Berkeley! From the moment you walk through the herbal and vegetable garden and enter the doors of Manzanita Wellness, you are enveloped in a cloud of serene peacefulness.
— Yelp Review